Friday, September 15, 2006

We're outta here

Its nearly October and that means the off-season is coming to an end. I would have to say that "off" is a heavy word for what actually happens during the summer months. Its actually more important than the regular season itself. What we do during the summer will reflect directly in our competitive results. That is why we come to San Diego.

But why San Diego? Yes, I know there isn't a Bobsled track here, and I'm very aware that it doesn't snow. That's pretty much the point. Nowhere in the world can we bobsled from April to October so we might as well spend the time where the weather is nearly perfect. It's also the perfect choice because not only does it have great weather but its also home to one of three US Olympic Training Centers; the others being in Colorado Springs, CO; and Lake Placid, NY. Its really a match made in heaven.

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