Saturday, February 17, 2007


Can somebody please help me out on this one:

Fast Push + Fast Sled + Bad Driving = Slow run

but, as I proved today:

Fast Push + Fast Sled + Good Driving = Slow run

how is that possible?

I could understand my result today if we had a bad push, or our sleds weren't the best. But when you have the "Big 3" you should be fast. Regardless.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day, wait, why do people say that? Wasn't today another day? Everyday is another day. Instead, they should say don't worry tomorrow is not today.

So, back to what I was saying. Oh well, tomorrow is not today. We had a bad day in the 2-man. Winterberg may be one of the easiest tracks to get down. Its why new drivers choose to start here. However, while getting to the bottom on all 4 runners is very easy, getting down fast is not.

Now its time to redeem ourselves in the 4-man.

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