Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Still confused but much happier!!

I'm still confused, not many answers came after the 4-man. Once again I had a fast sled, a fast push, one good drive and one bad drive, only this time I came out in 2nd place, tying the track record annd once again I'm out by .03 seconds.. How is that? I did pretty much the same in the 4-man as I did in the 2-man. The only major difference is that I almost crashed the 4-man, and I am about 99% positive that it didn't help my time But hey, it seems its the only thing I didn't do in the 2-man. year, I'm going to nearly crash in both races.

It definitely helped that I finished 2nd. I was pretty bummed after that 8th place finish. Not so much that I finished 8th, but that I narrowed the gap between the Overall 2-man World Cup lead. It means I'm going to have to race my ass off in Konigsee. I'm only 10 points ahead of Canadian Pierre Lueders, down from 40 points. I normally wouldn't be that concerned because he has to basically win the race and I've pretty much beat him at every track so far this year. Unfortunately for me, he's won the last two times we raced in Konigsee, and one of them was the World Championships. So, there is no doubt that he is going to be one tough SOB.

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