Thursday, February 15, 2007

When it rains, it pours

First I missed a World Championship medal by one place in the 2-man. Then I miss a World Championship medal by .02 in the 4-man. The next day, my keyboard stopped working on my laptop. A few days later the computer not longer charged, and the hard drive crashed. It was all down hill. One system at a time would fail until finally, at 10:39am on February 7th I officially pronounced my computer dead.

I performed the autopsy that evening where I extracted the hard drive, pulled the RAM, and kept the WiFi card just in case. It is what he would have wanted, he was a donor. Maybe his parts could save another computer. I had to respect his wishes. I sewed him back up and was preparing for cremation when I lost control. My emotions got the best of me. How could I have just let it die? Why God, Why? He was too young to die, there were so many websites, video, pictures that he hasn't seen. Its not his time!! Eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I punched my laptop for not fighting harder, for not trying. I punched it again hoping it would just snap out of it, wake up, and laugh that the joke was on me. But it didn't happen. All I could do was shove it aside in disbelief. There was nothing more I could do.

I had given up after a few minutes. Made my way towards the TV, try and find a new friend. Someone else to connect to. But wait, what is that noise? That small hum of electricity? I must be hearing things, There's no way it could be, he's dead. Its all in my mind, its just me wishing I heard it. Hold on. What is that? What is going on? I quickly grabbed my laptop to find the source of the noise. To my astonishment and disbelief, the battery was charging!


I gently grabbed the computer and made it more comfortable on the table. Then quickly marked off the area with police tape to make sure nobody entered the area and disturbed the recuperating computer. The ICU is a difficult place to be, he could go either way. Right back into the dark, or just as quickly (about 90 minutes to fully charge) come back to life.

I sat, and waited. Waited. The longest 90 minutes of my life.

When I finally got a full battery I gently pressed to power button. All I needed was a sign of life. He was literally brain dead at the moment. No hard drive, and his memory was gone. However, all i needed was a reaction when I poked him. Sure enough, I did.

When I felt he was stable enough, I re-installed the hard drive, the RAM and the WiFi card. Booted him up and celebrated. Unfortunately, he's not back to full health. Still no keyboard, but for the most part, he's ready to go. I bought an external keyboard and now I'm writing this blog from my own computer. Which days earlier was only a prayer.

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Anonymous said...

ya know, if this whole bobsled thing doesn't pan out for you - Comedy Central just might have an opening. Too bad you're so damn shy tho :-)

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