Wednesday, February 14, 2007

World Championships Day 2

4 runs, 6 miles of track, and over 4 minutes and 21 seconds of bobsledding only to miss the a medal by 0.02s. Yes, I said .02. To the make it easy on your brain, that is 2 hundredths of a second. TWO!!! Again, that's 2/100's of second. Do you know how close that is? Of course you don't, the human mind can't fathom such a time. TWO HUNDREDTHS!!

Ok, I'm over it. You get the point. Although, I do want you to try an experiment for me. Here's what you're going to need:

1 Friend
2 Stopwatches
and 4 minutes of free time.

Now, you and your friend grab the stop watches. On the count of 3 start each stop watch. (try to start them at the exact time. Do one in each hand if you have to)

Wait 4 minutes and 20 seconds.

as soon as the clock hits 4:21 each of you stop your watch.

Now compare times. Are you within .02 second of each other? I'm going to bet they are not.

Try the experiment again, this time counting down to the moment of stopping the watch. I am willing to bet you are still not within .02 seconds of each other.

Now you see what kind of time we are talking about.

So why did we finish 4th? Well, it was a combination of many things.

1.)My Thumb.
Yes, my thumb hurt. it was determined to not be broken. I'm really happy about that. Unfortunately, on our first push I was a little hesitant and we weren't as fast as we could have been.

2.) That damn kink.
About 45m down the track is a bump, that pushes the sled to the left down the straightaway. Its very difficult to drive, and I didn't get it right all weekend.

3.) Equipment.
Its not all bad, we were lucky to finish 4th because Bob Cuneo and the Bodyn Bobsled Project have provided me with a fast sled. The Allianz-Whelen-Speedo sled is the fastest in the world. I was able to make mistakes and still finish 4th. Thanks Bob!!

My Pushers knew I hurt my thumb, they knew I was going to be hesitant on the push, they stepped it up and pushed their best to keep us in the running. Thanks PAVLE, STEVE, and BROCK!!

I know most of the Media calls my performance a disappointment, and I broke the winning streak. BOO ON ME!!! But I'm very happy with a 4th place finish. Of course I'm pissed about missing a medal, but look at it from the other side. I finished 10th in 2003, 12th in 2004, 8 in 2005...............4th in 2007. I improved, I got better. I can't ask for more this early in my career. Instead of walking away the 4th place loser, I need to build and learn from this experience and come away the 4th place winner.

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