Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The First Week

Finally, I mean ALREADY, it's the first week of the 2007-08 World Cup Bobsled Tour. It seemed to come a bit quick, unfortunately I don't have much pull when it comes to starting the process.

The first week is always interesting, mainly because everybody wants it to start but nobody is really prepared. There are a lot of rules that we must abide by, both internationally and domestically. For us, the Americans, we have to choose our equipment before the first race. Picture this: you are given the option to drive the top 10 fastest cars ever built, but only given 60 seconds to drive each, then had to pick your car to drive on 10 different tracks around the world which are all completely different. What would you choose? How would you choose it? How many factors come in to play? That is just a scratch at what we go through as we choose our equipment.

Wait, did I mention that you have to choose the exact tires you are going to ALL of the tracks?? Well, that is exactly what we need to decide.

Bobsledding is such a simple sport, yet so much goes into the process of getting down the track as fast as possible, everywhere.

To be honest, the team behind my team is not much short of genius. I mean, how does a 5 year driver win the 2-man and Combined World Cup, and 2nd in the 4-man???


--side note--

We had the fastest 2-man run on the first day of training.

We had the 2nd fastest 4-man run on the second day of training

Sorry for no pictures yet

--end side note--


p.bonten said...

Hey Steven, a lot of succes with the first event. Beat the Germans!

-Holcomb said...

Thanks, it's going to be different since I'm the one everybody is after. I'm excited. Bring it on!

p.bonten said...

Hello Steven, you did a great job in the 2 and 4 man! This is a fantastic start of the season!! Great to beat Lange. The bodine sled did it again!

Good luck in your hometown!


-Holcomb said...

Thank You. It was a very exciting weekend. I'm hoping I can perform just as well in Park City.

Pim said...

You did it again!!! The double at your hometrack! Incredible result to beat Lange especially in the four man. The new fourman Bodine sled is very fast and your teammates did a great job at the start. The sled is a serious competitor of the also high tech Berlin FES sled. I hope that you can keep the good form till Altenberg. Good luck at the tuff track in Lake Placid!


-Holcomb said...

Thanks Pim. It was pretty exciting to win double gold, then to add the home crowd on top of that. It couldn't have been any better.

Thanks again for all your support.


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