Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I have some good news, well, more like COOL news. I guess it's good too, but it fits better under the Cool category. I was recently featured on an independent site called summ3r.com (for those of you that don't understand "Leet Speak" the #3 stands for an E). It looks better if you put it like: SUMM3R.COM. Can you see it? If not, here is another example, The sport I participate in is called: 808513|). So I am called a 808513|)|)3|2. 8=B 0=O 5=S 1=L |)=D |2=R Can you see how it works? No? Well, then nevermind.

Anyway, I was recently posted on their site because I'm an "Olympic Blog". They are dedicated to posting ONLY Olympic stories. Especially now because the 2008 Olympic Games are less than 3 days away. So, I have to say that if you are looking for information, or just want to read news about the Olympics, then SUMM3R.COM is the place to go; it's the DIGG of the Olympic Games. Not only do I tell you this because I was featured, but I plan on returning to find out what is going on over there. (plus, it's cool to see my blog posts on there ;)

So, head on over, check it out, and support our team! GO USA!!

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